Apartments for rent in Munich, Germany (2023)

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Apartments, rooms and shared flats in Munich

Since Munich is the seat of several large companies, international authorities and national universities, it is not surprising that rental apartments in Munich are always in high demand. A prime destination for expat long-term stays and relocations, the thriving rental market offers rental accommodation in all major districts. Both professionals and long-term travelers use Nestpick to find rooms for rent in Munich neighborhoods. With the largest selection of properties, Nestpick can help you find the best deals on rooms, flats and apartments for rent in Munich.

Furnished and serviced apartments in Munich

Munich city center is a hotspot for furnished apartments and other accommodation for professionals and busy travelers alike. Furnished apartments in Munich offer all the comforts and conveniences you need locally, so you don't have to worry about finding restaurants or laundry, for example. Some even have more luxurious facilities like on-site gyms and steam rooms.

Types of furnished apartments in Munich

  • Rent a room in Munich
  • Student residence in Munich
  • Studio-Apartments in München

Rooms and apartments for rent in Munich

Students and young expats often want to rent a room when moving to a new city rather than renting an apartment or an entire house. This will help you save a lot on hosting costs over time. Even if you have less space to yourself than in your own apartment, you still have your own private space and lots of common areas. Most shared apartments have a shared kitchen and living room, and some have shared bathrooms, while others may include private bathrooms.

Prices for renting a room in Munich vary greatly, but you have to expect monthly costs of between 450 and 800 euros, which are usually included in the rent. Sharing with locals or other students/expats is a great way to get to know other people and the area you live in.

Rental apartments in Munich by district

Munich has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in Europe, and that can certainly be confusing if you're not sure where to look. While areas likeBogenhausen, Haidhausen,Milbertshofen am Hart,Neuhausen-Nymphenburgand Schwabing are extremely popular with expats and international students, and rents can also be high. The residents of these districts are mostly high-income people.

But don't be put off, it's still possible to enjoy life in this majestic city without paying exorbitant prices. To save time and effort we have selected a mix of areas that offer more expensive and affordable housing without compromising on character.

Schwabing West apartments for rent

Home of the famous English Garden, a 910-acre public city park,Schwabing OesteIt is the most exclusive district in Munich. Chic and bohemian, Schwabing-West takes Munich living to the next level. The long term rental apartments here are surrounded by a mix of upscale beer gardens such as the Aumeister and the Seehaus, where you can linger over a beer or a town and enjoy local Bavarian cuisine on the banks of a lake. Due to its artistic flair, Schwabing-West is still very popular with students and tourists who like to come down from the universities to discuss over drinks. In fact, student residences in Munich are particularly popular in the north of Schwabing, as the residential area is nicknamed "Studentenstadt".

Apartments in Maxvorstadt

This district of Munich is home to two of the most important universities, the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University and the Technical University of Munich. Located north of the city center, some of the buildings still have classic 19th-century details in their architecture. It is also the intellectual center of Munich due to the concentration of national arts and educational institutions (libraries and museums) and a high flow of students during the academic year.

Apartments in Ludwigsvorstadt

Ludwigsvorstadt is a vibrant residential area with many international restaurants, casinos and Munich Central Station. If you are looking for apartments to rent in Munich, this is a good option because even in a city with at least a third of the population of international origin, this neighborhood stands out and is home to residents from more than 150 countries.Ludwigsvorstadt IsarvorstadtIt has several streets with a distinctly Middle Eastern flair, and on Schwanthalerstrasse, locals like to visit Verdi, a large Turkish supermarket. Also in the Ludwigsvorstadt is the Theresienwiese, scene of the annual Oktoberfest, the world's largest folk festival. For explorers, the district is bordered at its eastern end by the Isar, with paved cycling and hiking trails running along its banks.

Apartments Au Haidhausen

Au-Haidhausen is a trendy district that is particularly popular with younger people. Despite the proximity to the city center, the buildings here have a rural character and the local pub culture is big: Weisenburger Platz and Pariser Platz are among Munich's liveliest squares. If you enjoy an active lifestyle and chooseRent an apartment in Au-HaidhausenIt has lots of green spaces as well as wonderful jogging, cycling and walking paths along the Isar. Although there are affordable housing here, don't put all your hopes in this area as the market is very competitive.

Apartments Giesing

The traditional working-class district of Giesing is a fantastic option for those looking to move to Munich on a budget. This cosmopolitan neighborhood is home to several immigrant communities, giving the place a vibrant and colorful character and facilitating integration as an expat. Although there isn't much nightlife, there are plenty of good restaurants and bars in Giesing and there is good transport links in the area. Properties here are generally affordable and more spacious than downtown apartments, and the neighborhood is only 20 minutes from the city center by public transport.

Apartments Thalkirchen

This area is a very peaceful and relaxing place to live and is generally preferred by expat families looking for a medium to long term place to settle in Munich. Thalkirchen is rich in green spaces and is home to several beautiful parks, ideal for cycling, hiking and picnicking. Although the area is primarily residential, the area is also home to some fantastic breweries and restaurants for those well deserved evenings out. Rents are very affordable and buildings tend to offer more living space than inner cities.

Apartments in Pasing

Green suburb, approx. 40 minutes from the center of Munich, quieter area, main square with shops and restaurants, many students, generally accessible, spacious, partly green. Pasing is a family-friendly area with many schools, which means it's a very safe area.

Rental apartments in downtown Munich

Munich city center is well designed, spacious and well planned, so it's no surprise that furnished rentals here are highly sought after by expats and professionals alike. Properties generally accept long-term renters as well as short-term guests and are typically self-contained units and suites. If you're looking to explore this area, be sure to find a rental with good views: the city comes alive at night, with many traditional cafes, restaurants, international luxury shops and an arts cinema showing original films. In the city center is also Munich's newest shopping center, the "Fünf Höfe", also called "Fünf Höfe". Everything is within easy walking distance. If malls aren't your thing and you prefer smaller, more exclusive shops, be sure to visit the "Arkaden", a covered alley dedicated to boutiques.

Average prices for furnished apartments in Munich

Munich is Germany's most expensive city to rent and the average cost of living is a whopping 42% higher than in the capital Berlin. For example, the average price for an 85 square meter furnished apartment in an expensive area of ​​Munich is 1,814 euros, similar to Amsterdam. Rents in Munich are so high because of the city's high wages, the large number of large companies in the city and a highly successful tourism industry, all of which put enormous pressure on the real estate market. However, compared to Northern European cities like Reykjavik, London and Oslo, Munich looks relatively cheap.

1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Munich

1 quarter

For a 1-room apartment in Munich, you should calculate between 720 and 1,300 euros in the city center and between 600 and 1,000 euros on the outskirts. Rents in Munich are usually calculated according to the size of the apartment, with an average rent of €17.50 per square meter per month. When you book your furnished apartment in Munich with Nestpick, keep this in mind and whether an apartment is close to attractions such as shops, subway stations and green spaces.

2 Zimmer

The average monthly cost of renting a 2 bedroom apartment in Munich is €1,800 in an expensive area and €1,400 in a cheaper area. While these numbers are higher than in cities like Berlin, 2-bedroom apartments can still be found for under €1,000 in the city's suburban areas, with some as cheap as €600 in areas like Giesing, Laim and Moosach.

3 bedrooms

A 3-room apartment in Munich costs between 1,400 and 2,500 euros in the more expensive city center and between 1,000 and 1,800 euros in the cheaper suburbs. The prices vary depending on the location, quality and size of the apartment. So consider all the variables when looking for a 3 bedroom apartment in Munich.

About Munich

Are rental prices in Munich expensive?
Munich is the most expensive city to rent in Germany. Depending on the neighbourhood, the average price for a T1 studio/apartment is around €1,000 and for more than 2 bedrooms you can expect to spend over €1,500.
Which parts of Munich are the best to live in?
The old town is considered a central district with many historic buildings and also has the highest rents. Expats are more likely to rent in other parts of the city such as Neuhausen, Maxvorstadt, Schwabing and Berg am Laim.
How much does a furnished apartment in Munich cost?
The cost of a furnished apartment in Munich can start at around 1,000 euros, depending on the size and location. It usually costs between 100 and 500 euros more than unfurnished because the monthly rent includes all utilities and you don't have to buy any furniture.
How to find cheap rental apartments in Munich?
Renting in Munich is generally expensive, but the best way to find cheap property is by word of mouth from friends and by joining local groups. Another option is to live in a shared flat (WG), which means you share an apartment with other people.
What documents do I need to rent an apartment in Munich?
Normally, for a long-term rental contract in Munich, you have to present your identity card/passport, your most recent salary slips, certificate of no rent debts (if you have previously rented in Germany) and your Schufa ID (credit check). Documents for short-term or furnished rentals can be streamlined.
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