At the End of the Rope: Where to Restrain an Aggressive Dog - Clean Pet Club (2023)

One of the hardest things to deal with as a pet owner is unwanted behavior from our puppies. When you have an aggressive dog it can be difficult to deal with, especially if you have children or something in the environment is triggering your pet.

Abandoning your pet for a new home is never an ideal situation and is always a last resort for a loving owner who tried everything first.Animal shelters are often very stressful places for animals who only know about the safety and predictability of their home and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

However, if you find yourself in this situation, it is important to find a shelter or rescue that will take care of your pet despite their aggressive behavior.

Also, you should look for providers that offer home adoption as an alternative to animal shelters as it will be less stressful and triggering for your pet. To help you find the best organization to support you and your pet, we've put together this list of the best.Places to drop off an aggressive petbased on nearest location.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlantic Fair

PAWS Atlanta is a safe place to drop off your pup. While they are willing to accept animals that show aggression, their ability to accept your dog will depend on their behavior, health, and likelihood of being adopted. Even if the shelter is full, your pet may not be accepted. PAWS Atlanta charges a small pet delivery fee to help cover a portion of the cost of housing and adopting your pet.

Austin, Texas

Austin Pets Live!

Touted as one of the safest places for homeless pets in the country, this no-kill shelter offers plenty of resources and support for caring for your pet. Prior to delivery, Austin Pets Alive! or APA will try to help you resolve the underlying issues that are making it difficult for you to keep your pet. If this is unsuccessful, the organization will ensure that your pet is successfully rehomed and not euthanized. The APA is committed to supporting every animal, including those not adopted from your shelter.

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Boston, MA

Boston Animal Rescue League

In addition to offering pre-delivery resources to help you with a pet or in a difficult situation, the Animal Rescue League also offers veterinary services when you are dealing with significant health issues in your dog. If you ultimately decide that a placement is the best solution for you and your pup, be sure to make an appointment and fill out the admission paperwork. The organization also requires a delivery fee and medical documentation to bring your pet to a new home.

Charlotte, North Carolina

North Meck Animal Rescue

This organization not only serves as a rescue for animals from local killing shelters, but also allows you to give up an aggressive dog that you can no longer take care of. While they encourage you to seek resources to address the underlying issues to keep shelters open for dogs in need, you can make an inquiry if needed. North Meck Animal Rescue requires a large number of documents to process the application so please read the website carefully and thoroughly.

Highland Dog

This unique organization actually searches for aggressive dogs in shelters and rescues them for rehabilitation and housing. While they typically only seek pets from shelters to avoid euthanizing less adoptable animals, they share stories of pets that need new homes. Consider reaching out if you have an overly aggressive dog to see if your pet is a good fit for the program.

Chicago, Illinois

The Anti-Cruelty Society

Unlike some of the other organizations on this list, the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society is open and will not turn away a dog in need of a new home. In addition to promoting all pets, the organization offers a free program that allows you to promote adoption directly from your home to a new home and bypass the shelter altogether. While they recommend trying everything you can to avoid the stress of sending your pet to the shelter, they will accept your pet for a small fee and with all the necessary paperwork.

Colombo, Ohio

paws and prayers

While Paws and Prayers' priority is to accommodate animals in need from overcrowded shelters, they accept aggressive animals for housing when they are available. Because this rescue is adoption-based, abandoned pets live with foster families, not kennels, while awaiting their forever homes. While this is certainly better for a pet than the noisy environment of the shelter, open houses can be hard to find. To help, the ransom requires a moderate ransom fee and encourages donation.

Dallas, Texas

operation kindness

At this no-kill shelter, animals can be given up for almost any reason as long as proper documentation is presented and they are fit. The thorough research that must be completed before you give up your pet will allow the shelter to adopt your pup in the right home. Operation Kindness offers anger rehabilitation assistance if you decide it will help you keep your pet. The fee for dropping off your pet is minimal, especially when compared to others on this list and for the services they offer you.

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Denver, Colorado

Riverdale Animal Shelter

This shelter offers resources to help you keep your dog or to help you give up your dog. You cannot enter this shelter to drop off your pet, but you can call and make an appointment. They will gather your information to provide you with the support and guidance you need to give your dog a new home.

Hartford, Connecticut

Operation Ridgefield to rescue animals

The Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue or ROAR shelter is often full, although they accept abandoned pets if they have space. If there is no space available at the time you email or submit your application, you will be placed on a waiting list. You must provide proof of vaccinations with your application and your puppy must undergo a behavioral assessment. You'll also have to pay a departure fee, which is on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to other properties on this list.

Houston, Texas

Citizens for Animal Welfare

Citizens for Animal Protection offers two options for giving away your pup. The first, more traditional way, is to surrender during admission times. The shelter is assigned on a first come, first served basis and is subject to space availability within the kennel. You are responsible for a delivery fee and for providing basic information about your dog. They also offer weekend adoption programs to try adopting your pet directly. If your dog is selected to participate, you will leave him alone over the weekend and agree to bring him home on Sunday if your pup is not given a new home.

Indianapolis, IN

PAAWS No Kill Animal Shelter

While they primarily help place pets adopted by their organization, PAAWS Animal Rescue also accepts dogs that have been given away by the owner. Since they do not have a kennel, all animals are placed with foster families while they await adoption. Although this facility is more ideal for your pup than a stressful shelter environment, it may take longer to place your pet with a new family. PAAWS does not charge a delivery fee, but encourages donations that allow them to care for their pet and continue to support other animals.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Humane Society

Because the Jacksonville SPCA doesn't kill pets to make room for others, they almost always work at full capacity. Therefore, they recommend that you first consider rehabilitation or relocation through your own network. However, you can make an appointment to have your puppy checked and given a chance to find a new home. The shelter charges a nominal drop-off fee when accepting your pet and asks that you bring all of your pet's medical records and medication with you to ensure a more successful transition.

Kansas City, MO

KC pet project

If you are looking for a place to leave an aggressive dog, this open access shelter is one of your best options. You will not reject your pet based on a single trait or behavior, although this can make it difficult to successfully adopt your dog. They recommend exhausting all other options first, as their facilities are often overwhelmed with homeless, sick, or injured pets. To complete a delivery, you must make an appointment and fill out a questionnaire about your pet. The shelter also charges a small fee to cover the cost of caring for your pet while you await adoption.

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From Vegas, Nevada

Animal rescue project in Las Vegas

This rescue welcomes pets, including those with anger issues, when space is available. The Vegas Pet Rescue Project invites you to complete a comprehensive survey to learn more about your pet. They will use this information, as well as your current availability, to determine whether or not they can accept your pet. If they can't help you, they will refer you to other resources, includingrealojarto help you find a loving new family for your pup.

Los Angeles, California

Dogs Without Borders

This is another organization on the list that places abandoned dogs with foster families while they await adoption. Although they accept animals with mild aggression, they recommend working with a trainer to resolve any issues before giving your pup away. There is a survey on their website that you must fill out and include medical records and photos if you choose to have your shelter deliver. There are no fixed delivery fees, but Dogs Without Borders is asking for a donation to cover the cost of caring for the animals.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

last hope incl.

Although this shelter does not have the facilities to take abandoned animals, they use a network of foster families to care for your pup until it is adopted. While Last Hope accepts animals with mild anger issues, we do not accept pets that have a history of biting or are considered a safety concern as these dogs are unlikely to be adopted and could endanger the homes of adoptive families. If you choose this organization, you'll need to fill out the form on the website, send your pup for a wellness exam, and pay a modest fee.

New York City, New York

Cross-legged animal rescue

Paws Crossed Rescue offers a wealth of resources to help you with the issues driving you to relocate, including long-term care for a pet while you are away from home for military service or a medical issue. If your needs still call for delivery, they ask you to fill out the questionnaire on their website to learn more about your pet. If they cannot agree to giving up your dog, they may be able to refer you to other options to help you find your pup in a new home.

Omaha, Ne

Muddy Paws Second Chance Dog Rescue

The desire and intent to give every dog, regardless of breed or behavior, another chance makes this rescue the best choice for giving up an aggressive dog. In addition to providing training and rehabilitation for the issues you are struggling with, they may be able to provide your pup with a temporary home while you await placement. If your pet is waiting to be placed or cannot be placed, Muddy Paws can help you advertise your pet for adoption directly or with other resources, such as medical bills or food costs, which may also affect your ability to get around to take care of your pet.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvanien

Morris shelter

This shelter works hard to help you get your pet straight into a new family by providing a variety of networking and promotional resources. Additionally, they offer support to fix your pup's behavioral issues, although they are open to welcoming and will not turn away an animal unless concerns impact adoptability. If you are still willing to donate your animal to your organization, Morris Animal Refuge requires you to fill out the donation form on their website. They also charge a fee to cover costs, which is on the higher end of the spectrum for large breeds and moderate for small breeds.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Hello animal rescue

This organization accepts the submission of your pet by filling out the questions on their website and paying a fee based on the level of care your pet requires. While part of the investigation involves aggression, that doesn't mean your pup is immediately disqualified based on the circumstances. If the sanctuary is unable to accommodate your pet due to space constraints, or you want to increase your chances of finding a new home while you await a decision, you can use the resources on their website to advertise your pet to potential foster families. .

Portland, Oregon

Tierhilfe PDX

Like many other animal shelters on the list, Animal Aid places abandoned puppies in foster homes rather than keeping them in a shelter. As such, they will not accept dogs that have a history of biting or show high levels of aggression towards people they do not know. If your dog exhibits milder aggressive behavior that does not endanger those who care for your pup while you are awaiting adoption, you can fill out the form on the website and Animal Aid will provide all of your pup's medical information and several photos place.

Sacramento, California

Sacramento SPCA

Using a managed admissions approach, the SPCA in Sacramento requires an appointment to discuss your dog and determine whether or not the shelter can accept him for placement. During your meeting, the organization will provide you with all the relevant resources to assist you in rehabilitating your pet's aggressiveness so you can try to keep them at home. When all your options have been exhausted, a decision will be made about giving up your dog.

San Antonio, Texas

Texas Animal Defense League

The Texas Animal Defense League offers admissions for all breeds and ages and attempts to accommodate animals regardless of need, space permitting. You can request an appointment for dropping off your dog by email. Be sure to include the items listed on your website that need to be addressed to expedite the process of setting up a meeting and deciding whether to adopt your pet. A flat-rate, moderate fee is charged for all consultations to cover the costs of caring for the animals.

San Diego, California

Inland Valley Humane Society e & SPCA

This humanitarian rescue organization in San Diego tries to place delivered puppies directly with a new family through the home-to-home program. With prompt adoption, your dog can avoid the added trauma that comes with the unpredictability of a shelter. However, if this method is unsuccessful, the Inland Valley Humane Society can connect you with other rescue groups to help you find a new home for your pet. If your only option is to stop by the hostel, fill out the form on the website to make an appointment.

San Jose, California

Silicon Valley Humane Society

Like some of the other shelters on this list, the Humane Society tries to help you place your pet straight into a new family whenever possible. If you are unable to place your dog in a new family this way, you can fill out the release form on the site. Be prepared to provide proof that your pup is up to date on vaccinations. The Humane Society will contact you for more information and to schedule an assessment. If accepted, the shelter will charge a ransom fee that's on the higher end of the spectrum, but likely in line with the cost of living in the area.

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Savannah, Georgia

Coastal pet rescue

Coastal Pet Rescue has a form on their website that you can fill out if you intend to donate your pup. It is important to note that your dog will not be accepted if it bites or is very aggressive. You should also carefully verify that you are in a county affiliated with the shelter before applying to have your dog accepted.

Seattle, WA

Forgotten Dog Rescue

Another animal shelter that offers adoption-based deliveries is Forgotten Dogs Rescue. The organization specializes in pit bulls who have a difficult time being adopted and moved to other shelters, and works hard to find a new home for any animal that needs to be relinquished for any reason. You can fill out the form on their website, email it, or mail it to them to start delivering your pup.

Washington, D.C.

Alliance to save the people

While they offer many resources to help you care for your pet, the Human Rescue Alliance also accepts pets that have been given up to try to find them new homes. You can begin the process by calling and making an appointment to have your pet undergo a medical and behavioral evaluation. The final decision on delivery depends on the space available and your pet's needs.


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