The best Supermoto bikes - 2023 Edition - Rider Ranking (2023)

20 years ago (which I think is a long time) supermotos were all the rage. In a market dominated bySupermotos, were the "next big thing."

Although they gained a cult following, they never made it into the mainstream. The problem is that while they are actually a lot of fun, they are also very impractical.

They have stupidly narrow seats, crisp throttle response that will take you from OK to almost KO in a quarter turn. Then there's the torquey but peppy engine, the lack of wind protection, the inability to carry anything, and the tank's woefully short range of around 80 miles.

Remember, 80 miles is probably more than you want to do in one session. Supermotos are the ultimate in hour-long races and that's probably why they've never broken the superbike sales charts. These days, bikes are recreational items, but a super bike is a toy.

That means they're about as much fun as you can get on two wheels. Every time I've ridden a Supermoto I've either laughed into my helmet or gripped the bike wide eyed like a monkey on a wet rock!

This is our guide to the best superbikes to buy in 2022!


We have selected bikes that you are unlikely to find in other guides. There aren't many models on the 'supermoto' market these days, so we've curated a selection of new and used bikes, as there are plenty of low mileage options from the brief days when SMs were all the rage.

So check out our review below to get started in the world of supermotos.

BikerRated's Best Supermoto Bikes

  1. Supermoto Husqvarna 701
  2. KTM 690 SMC R
  3. Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP
  4. ktm duque 690
  5. Aprilia SXV550

Here's a full rundown of each of these great bikes:

Supermoto Husqvarna 701

The best Supermoto bikes - 2023 Edition - Rider Ranking (1)

Supermoto Husqvarna 701key specs

  • Motor: Single cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke
  • maximum power output: 73 PS
  • change: 690cc
  • seat height: 890mm
  • Weight: 135kg
  • Preis: £ 8599
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No change from the previous model, except for the more powerful KTM 690 Duke engine. Built around a lightweight chrome moly trellis frame for precise handling and a 13-litre fuel tank housed in a polyamide subframe for perfect weight distribution. The 701's suspension features front and rear shocks with WP split wishbones and damping adjusters. a beast


The best Supermoto bikes - 2023 Edition - Rider Ranking (2)

KTM 690 SMC R Main Specs

  • Motor:1 cylinder, liquid cooled, 4-stroke
  • Maximum power output:72 CV
  • Change:690 cm³
  • seat height: 890mm
  • Weight:147kg
  • Preis:£ 9599

One of the newest models for 2019, the sleek SMC R features a new LC4 engine with increased power, torque and fuel economy. The larger 13.5-litre fuel tank acts as a supporting part of the chassis and ensures more driving pleasure. Complete with two riding modes, Sport and Street, the SMC R features Cornering ABS, Supermoto ABS, Quickshifter+, Angle Sensitive Traction Control plus, Engine Slip Regulation (MSR).

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Ducati Hypermotard 110 EVO SP

The best Supermoto bikes - 2023 Edition - Rider Ranking (3)

Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP main specifications

  • Motor:air-cooled two-cylinder, 4-stroke
  • Maximum power output:94 PS
  • Change:1078 cc
  • seat height: 875mm
  • Weight:178kg
  • precio original:£ 10.500

Possibly a controversial entry, but while the 1100 EVO SP is not a 'pure' supermoto for those who care, it exudes all the hallmarks of a supermoto; elevated riding position, wide handlebars, roaring engine and the overwhelming feeling that one bike is as comfortable as two. If you want a supermoto bike that can go 50+ miles, the 1100 is for you.

Aprilia SXV550

The best Supermoto bikes - 2023 Edition - Rider Ranking (4)

Main specifications of the Aprilia SXV550

  • Motor:V-Twin, SOHC, 4 tempos
  • Maximum power output:70 picoseconds
  • Change:549 cc
  • seat height:915 mm
  • Weight:128kg
  • precio original:£ 7599
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Unlike most supermotos, the SXV550 is powered by 2 cylinders, which means less vibration, faster revs, and more power. The SXV550 features a lightweight cast aluminum and steel frame and 48mm upside-down forks with fully adjustable adjusters. The dual motor makes this motorcycle more powerful and much quieter than other superbikes. With an ultra-modern body and RSV-style diamond-shaped taillight, it's a great looking bike. It was pretty rare when new and many were converted for racing in the GP450 series, but as a once a week tool you won't find better.

ktm duque 690

The best Supermoto bikes - 2023 Edition - Rider Ranking (5)

KTM 690 Duke Key Specs

  • Motor:Liquid-cooled single cylinder, 4-stroke
  • Maximum power output:72 CV
  • Change:690 cm³
  • seat height:835 mm
  • Weight:148,5kg
  • PAGreyes:£ 8299

The beloved DUKE received an update this year, with higher specifications and a modernized look. Featuring a chrome molybdenum steel trellis frame for precise handling, LC4 engine and optimized air intakes and exhaust system to aid balance. KTM installed a dual-circuit ABS system, ergonomic seats, and a large 14-liter fuel tank. Show it off with this bright orange rimmed KTM, you're sure to turn heads on this monster. If you can't get a new one, look for the KTM Duke II, the older original version that's just as fun.

The best supermoto bike for you

Riding a Supermoto can be a bit trickier if you are a shorter rider as they have high seats as standard. Don't be fooled by the mid-range engine power of most supermotos. These are sharp, unforgiving bikes for experienced riders. Some will accelerate in third gear and usually you don't need to drive them hard, you just need to learn to tame them.

Remember, the easiest way to tell if a bike is right for you is to try it out. So visit your local dealer, jump on the bike, and see which bike is best for your height and riding style.

A safe estimate of 1 minute

Do you have any idea what to plan for when insuring your Supermoto?

we created amotorcycle insurance adjusterthat asks no personal questions and only takes 1 minute to complete. It gives an accurate idea of ​​how much it costs to insure each motorcycle.

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Supermoto 125er

The best Supermoto bikes - 2023 Edition - Rider Ranking (6)

There are many 125cc supermotos. Several manufacturers have produced Supermoto 125s in the last 15 to 20 years. Consult our guide toThe best 125cc bikesfor bigger bikes.

Some might argue that a 125cc bike can't be a "proper" supermoto because it lacks the torque that is the heart of an SM. But here at BikerRated we think a 125 can justify being called a Supermotard: they're light, they have the right riding position, and when you equip them with grippy tires, they're a great b-road blaster.

Just take a look at the previous Beta RR SM. I would love to have such a beautiful bike when I was 17!

Here is a list of some of the best 125cc superbikes.

AJP PR4 Supermotard 125

Aprilia SX125

Beta RR Motard 4T

Rieju MRT Trophy 125 Supermoto

Lexmoto LSM125

Suzuki DR125SM

Kawasaki D Tracker 125

Yamaha WR125X

Husqvarna SMR !25

The most reliable super bikes

All modern supermotos are just as reliable as other similar bikes in their range. While both KTM and Husqvarna have some reliability issues, their supermotos are no different than other bikes in those manufacturers' model lines.

One of the most reliable SMs on our list is Ducati's Hypermotard 1100. It has a twin-cylinder engine instead of just one, and its high power, coupled with long service intervals, means it's as reliable as any supermoto.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions about this article and need a little more guidance, please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you.

Likewise, if you have something to add to this article or share an experience, let us hear it!

We love reading your comments and helping our readers.


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