What to do with an aggressive dog? (The easiest and safest way) (2023)

If your dog mouth-chews, growls, bites, shows teeth, bites, or exhibits other canine behavior problems, it can put you, your husband or wife, and your family in a state of distress.

What to do with an aggressive dog? (The easiest and safest way) (1)

Whether it's to protect yourself, your pet, a human baby, farm animals or humane society in general, sometimes abandoning your dog with a behavioral problem is the best option.

However, it can be very confusing to decide where to take aggressive dogs, especially in a way that causes the least amount of harm to your dog. How do you protect yourself and others when choosing the best options for your dog?

These are the concerns we address when we show you the best places to quit.dogs for being aggressive.

Should I give up on my aggressive dog?

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Nor unresolvable behavioral problems such as aggressionAggression towards other dogs, animals, random people, babies or family members are a reason why you might not be able to keep your dog,

We will review your options for adopting dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs or that subsequently show low levels of aggression in new homes. However, dogs attacking humans is another matter.

A person leaving them at animal shelters would be taking their problem to shelter staff, volunteers and certainly new pet owners, which might not be the best decision. Additionally, you may be liable for future biting incidents.

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However, there are other options to consider here if you and your family aren't determined to leave your dog behind.

First you need to assess the seriousness of the situation. To illustrate whether yourDog aggression was a unique situation, your chances are certainly better than a dog with a bitestory for example.

Is your dog aggressive out of the blue? Or is it his aggressive reaction to being pulled out of his box during a storm? A veterinarian can help by recommending testing for specific medical conditions that can trigger aggression, including chronic pain, hypothyroidism and brain tumors.

Also, consult or call a professional canine behaviorist or veterinarian who will advise you on alternatives to giving up your dog, including helpful behavior modification programs and medications.

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Advice: Check their references and testimonials because this business is full of scams.

not second place, you must consider your options: animal confinement and humane euthanasia. On the one hand, there's the question of whether a curfew should be an option; whether a dog has to live like this all his life, and whether security is reason enough for a restricted life.

If you contact the administrator, then you will need a muzzle, a halter, a strong leash and a fence. Many times you also need to take your dog for a run.

On the other hand, a dog that exhibits aggressive behavior is in a constant state of fear and alert, and if he hurts others it may be an act of kindness to put him down to care for them.

It goes without saying that it's best to speak with a professional behavioral consultant about your options. They may encourage you to hire a dog trainer who can help you with training methods, or suggest that euthanasia would be in their best interest.

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animal free or cheap

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If you live in a large metropolitan area, you will find a number of non-profit organizations in the community. But if you live in the country, you may need to travel. We are looking for emergency shelters or new homes.

1. No shelters to kill

Typically, a pet dog that is aggressively committed to a regular shelter will be immediately euthanized and not accepted by a rescue organization/rescue group. Therefore, finding accommodation or finding someone to take care of them is almost impossible.

This is because shelters test their dogs and resort to euthanasia when canine aggression poses a threat to the lives of other dogs.

In addition, they often lack the necessary resources for higher quality examinations, medical care or rehabilitation services.

However, there is a "No Kill Shelter" that can potentially accept a dog with aggressive behavior or undesirable behavior as long as it has not bitten in the past. Animal shelter staff are trained to handle these situations with sensitivity and understand how difficult it is to give up your pet.

It's also worth noting that you may need to do an extensive search for nearby emergency shelters, as they tend to be operated locally.

Pro tip: If animal shelters and rescue groups are unwilling to take your dog, ask them about volunteers who would be willing if a behaviorist tested your dog for aggression and found it not to be dangerous.

As far as fees go, you can find a shelter where you can take your dog for free. However, an animal shelter often charges a price for giving up your dog, as they are non-profit organizations responsible for caring for large numbers of dogs. This fee can range from $20 to $150 or more.

Advice:If you don't have the money to cover the pet transfer fee, let the shelter staff know; you can use paid donations to pay for your dog or keep it free.

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2. Relocation

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Finding a new home for dogs is a viable option if they suffer from intercanine aggression. A single dog house may be the environment they need if they don't get along with other dogs or a specific type of dog.

Likewise, dogs that wreak havoc around cats, livestock, pets, or other small animals may be left in the care of a pet and in a pet-free home.

However, if your dog is aggressive towards people, they may be wary of the idea. For one, you need to inform new owners or the pet owner about the dog's behavioral problems.

Additionally, this is an inherently stressful situation for your dog that will increase his aggression and anxiety levels throughout his life. So you can live it out in its new foster home and in return it will be placed back or taken to an animal shelter.

If you decide to move, give it a try.Back home. attached toAdoptapet.com, aims to unite your pet to a new family. You can choose your pet's new home, so choose one that feels right for your dog. Click "Get Started" on the website to complete a release form or submit a release request regarding your personal information, your dog's personal information and retention period.

You can also indicate whether they are spayed or neutered, whether they are housebroken, their attitude towards children, cats and other stray dogs, and much more.

Advice:Do not withhold information about your dog's aggression as this will only reinforce the vicious cycle of dog abandonment as new owners are unprepared to deal with their dog's behavior and are forced to find their dog a new home. He.

Other options include finding your dog a new home the old-fashioned way. Tell others through fliers and signs - post them at a popular local pet store or dog shelter, or post announcements on social media. A good adoption notice, adoption program or brochure with pet photos and adoption profiles can go a long way!

Advice:CheckHow to find a home for homeless petsif you are looking for a resource on how to create a flyer.

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Frequently asked questions about aggressive dogs:

What do animal shelters do to not kill aggressive dogs?

There is no one size fits all policy that they adhere to. You can supply dogs to service dog organizations to train as helpers for their disabled owners or the dog's owner, but if a dog is so aggressive that it's not safe to move him to a new living environment, it may be time to put him away. him to sleep. .

Can it be given to a dog that bites?

If a dog has bitten in the past, many shelters will either return your dog to you or just accept it for euthanasia, as no one would be willing to risk being bitten and they have limited resources and cannot accommodate everyone. Dogs.

Will Vets Put Aggressive Dogs Down?

Chances are, especially if those dogs killed or injured other dogs or other people.

As mentioned earlier, the veterinarian may recommend some medical tests to understand whether the aggression is due to medical issues in the senior dog. In this case, he will not be sacrificed.

What to do with an aggressive dog? (The easiest and safest way) (8)


Giving up your dog is a decision that will forever affect both of your lives. First assess the situation and possibilities of the dog. You may find that your dog's aggression is perfect for a rescued animal or a new family.

Ultimately, it's a very delicate balance between wanting the best for your dog, but also the safety of everyone involved.

Let us know your stance on handing over aggressive dogs in the comments below, and feel free to share this article if you find it helpful in any way.


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